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Whats My Dns

Our free dns checking tool lets users to check any domain for propagation against number of dns server around the world. Free dns checking gives ip address(es) being used by its server, and also other dns records like address record, mx records, aaaa record , etc. Type domain name below and check dns instantly.

DNS Propagation Check

Holtsville NY, United States (Opendns) -
Mountain View CA, United States (Google) -
Broomfield CO, United States (Verizon) -
Sterling, VA, United States (DNS Advantage) -
Diamond Bar, CA, United States (Level3) -
Birminghan, Al, United States (SmartViper) -
Baraboo, WI, United States (DynDNS) -
Canoga Park, CA, United States (Sprint) -
Seattle, WA, United States (Speakeasy) -
Aschaffenburg, Bayern, Germany (ClaraNet) -
Koeln, Germany (Surfplanet Gmbh) -
Berlin, Germany (Chaos Computer Club Berlin) -
Roubaix, France (OVH Systems) -
Chambery, Rhone-Alpes, France (Free SAS) -
Amsterdam, Netherlands (LeaseWeb) -
Berlin, Germany (Strato AG) -
Amsterdam, Netherlands (RouteLabel V.O.F) -
Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan (Supernet) -
Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India (Tikona Infinet Ltd) -
MaceiĆ³, Alagoas, Brazil (Hotlink Internet) -